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June Special: Buy 4 Scalp Treatments, Get 2 Free 

Hair Growth:
It's All About Anagen

Hair loss effects millions of people everyday. As we age, the Anagen or active growth phase of our hair can become compromised, causing thinning to no growth of the hair follices. No matter what age, if you're beginning to see hair loss - know that your current situation isn't hopeless. Procell's MicroChanneling is a non-invasive needling procedure that creates small channels in the scalp and/or beard area, combined with a growth factor serum, that helps to reawaken your dormant hair follicles- giving you fuller, healthier hair.* Schedule a consultation today.

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Pynk Diamond Package:
$2275/ $3195

  • 1 Month Supply Hair Regrowth Shampoo & Conditioner for at home care

  • 6 Scalp Treatments (Half Head/Full Head) 

  • 3 Aftercare Treatment Serums

Results After 3 Treatments

Diamond Package: $1350

W 2 Treatments Hair.png
  • 1 Month Supply Regrowth Shampoo & Conditioner for at home care

  • 6 Scalp Treatments (Hairline Only)

  • 2 Aftercare Treatment Serums

Results After 4 Treatments

Beard Growth.png

Gold Package: $1075

  • 4 Beard Treatments 

  • 4 High Frequency Stimulation 

  • 2 Aftercare Serums

A la Carte Options

  • Single Scalp Treatment: Full $500+/ Half $300+

  • Beard: $200+

  • Hairline: $175+

  • Eyebrows: $50 (must be added to service of $175+) 

  • Hair Growth Aftercare Serum: $150

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*Please consult your physician if you have/ feel you may have any health issues that may prevent you from receiving this treatment. Results will vary per person and cannot be guaranteed. 

**Treatment Packages must be used within 6 months of purchase. No refunds or transfer of services. The client agrees to release Pynk Eclipse Esthetics and its affilates from any liabilities while performing these services. 

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