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 Waxing is the Perfect Way to Refresh Your Skin

Hair removal is a great way to keep your skin looking young, fresh, and smooth. Here at Pynk Eclipse Esthetics, our goal is to provide an efficient and painless waxing experience by using premium hard and soft waxes, combined with advance epilation techniques. Don't forget to schedule you Post Waxing Treatment to help optimize your results. Schedule your appointment today.  

Our Most Popular Services

This service removes the hair from the sides and a little off the top of your bikini line. This is a great choice for beginning waxers or want a modest hair removal process.

French Bikini
Removes the hair from the sides, slightly into the labia, and a strip at the top.

Brow Wax & Tint
This service shapes your brows and adds a customized, Demi permanent color which replaces the need for a brow filler.

Bikini Skin Treatment
Pamper yourself with a spa treatment for your most intimate parts. Waxing and shaving can cause your intimate areas to become bumpy, dry, and even cause uneven skin tones. This service focuses on restoring your skin back to optimal health by providing a deep cleansing treatment, extractions of ingrown hairs and mask treatment to help maintain your hair removal results, even in your most private moments.

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